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"Root causes are most often from the interaction of poor lifestyle factors, a toxic environment, and our genes.

At the very heart of each person is his/her Mental,
Emotional, and Spiritual center, which also have the power to change the expression of our genes to either make us sick or make us healthy."


The functional medicine approach

Functional Medicine aims to identify and address the root cause of diseases. It focuses on why a particular person has a disease instead of focusing on what disease a particular patient has. 

By identifying what the root cause is, we can start crafting a whole systems-based approach to address disease rather than focusing on addressing the symptoms.

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" All about Obesity & Weight Loss "

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My advocacy is to share actionable and practical information anchored in the Functional Medicine approach to provide people with the foundational tools to be successful in achieving optimal wellness.

It may be challenging but a few small steps can make a huge impact in achieving optimal wellness.

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