The Approach

Functional Medicine

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"Functional Medicine aims to identify and address the root cause of diseases. It focuses on why a particular person has a disease instead of focusing on what disease a particular patient has."

By identifying what the root cause is, we can start crafting a whole systems-based approach to address disease rather than focusing on addressing the symptoms.
Functional Medicine is preventive. Wherever a person is along the wellness-illness continuum, we can work together to prevent progression, promote health, and restore balance. 

Functional Medicine emphasizes a personalized approach to achieving health goals. We begin building the foundation of sustainable lifestyle and behavior change and work together to tailor-fit those changes. Creating a personalized protocol involves indepth assessment of a person’s current health status as well as information gathered from laboratory and diagnostic tests that are based on precision medicine. 

Functional Medicine is participatory. Whatever health goal a person sets, we, as Functional Medicine practitioners, work with them and guide them in a therapeutic partnership. We also leverage a collaborative care team approach to help provide support and consistent monitoring of a person’s progress.

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