What Other Factors that affect weight loss

Inflammation is one of the biggest root causes affecting weight gain and resistance to losing weight. Inflammation and weight gain are closely tied together in the sense that learning how to address one, is also learning how to address the other. The common causes of inflammation are those factors in our daily lives that we may be overlooking.

Food allergy or food sensitivities is one cause of inflammation. Food reactions of any type can trigger low-grade inflammatory reactions. The most common food triggers are gluten and dairy, both of which are rampant in our diet.

Gut problem is another cause of inflammation. When we talk about gut problems, we are actually talking about the imbalance of the bacteria that are normally part of our gut and the barrier or cell lining of our gut. If the population of the bacteria in our gut are overwhelmed with the bad bugs, this triggers inflammation and may even derail normal breakdown and absorption of food and nutrients. If the cell lining of our gut is more leaky, this allows substances like partially or undigested food items, microbes, chemicals and toxins to enter our bloodstream and trigger more inflammation.

Toxins from our environment that we are exposed to everyday is another reason affecting our weight and metabolism. This includes chemicals in our food, skin care, household cleaners, pollution and heavy metals. There are chemicals that are known to be “obesogens” or make you gain weight or resistant to losing weight.

Being aware of these causes of inflammation is another key to weight loss because addressing these factors all contribute to weight loss and overall health and wellness.

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